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Tailor-made reading workshops

Tailor-made reading workshops

We offer tailor-made reading workshops to departments and faculties on request. Lecturers who identify the need for reading support among students in a specific module are invited to contact the Reading Lab. Together we can come up with a workshop to address your students’ specified needs. We can design such workshops for a specific module or group of students and present it in English and/or Afrikaans, depending on the needs of the participants.

What can you expect from a tailor-made reading workshop?

Our tailor-made workshops can address any aspect of reading, whether the aspect precedes the actual act of reading or comes up during or after reading.

Where has the Reading Lab been involved?

Workshops we have offered in past include:

Read against time – a workshop developed specifically for BAcc Honours students about managing reading time effectively before answering the required questions. Each year the workshop is adapted in response to students’ performance in the first written test. It is based on the scenarios and questions in the actual test paper.

ThinkReadWrite: En route to self-actualisation – a workshop developed for first-year diploma students at the School for Public Leadership. This three-day workshop introduces students to the kind of thinking and reading that is required to envision a future in sustainable development.

Time management: Making the most of your 112 hours – a workshop developed for first-year ISFAP bursary students. This asynchronous online workshop assists students to manage their time effectively by helping them determine the complexity and demands of their reading and study material so that they can allocate sufficient time to perform each of these tasks successfully.

What does it cost?

Our tailor-made workshops are free for students. The faculties fund the Reading Lab sessions.

Who to contact

For more information or to arrange a tailored workshop, please contact Marisca Coetzee (021 808 2811).

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