Podcast translation

Podcast translation

Our podcast translation service is available to SU lecturers and presenters so that students can access multilingual lecture content. The Interpreting Service partners with lecturers by interpreting recorded podcasts into Afrikaans and English, as well as isiXhosa and South African Sign Language where there is a pedagogical need.

We offer this service to clients outside the University as well.

What kinds of podcasts do we translate?

Audio files

These are 15-to-20-minute audio files that briefly summarise the lecture or course content. According to the guidelines for online teaching, a podcast does not have to be a full 50-minute lecture – a short, succinct overview of new material is more effective

Video files

These are 15-to-20-minute videos of a lecturer or presenter narrating a presentation or demonstrating an experiment. We make sure that the audio corresponds to the video content.

Voice-note clips on PowerPoint slides

These are short, 30-second to four-minute clips inserted in PowerPoint slides. Students can play the clip at their own leisure as they work through the slides. We replace the lecturer’s clip with the translated clip on the corresponding slide.

What can you expect from us?

An accurate translation

Our dedicated team of interpreters receive professional, expert training in the modules they interpret.

A quality recording

We use high-quality equipment to bring you the best quality sound with minimal background noise.

An efficient turnaround time

We do our best to deliver your interpreted podcast as soon as we can. We will, however, need a minimum of two days, excluding the day that you send it.

For more information or to request podcasting services, please contact Christine Joubert.

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