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Meet our English teachers!

Meet our English portfolio! Our teachers are all experts in teaching English as a second language and thrive in seeing their students reach new limits. The English portfolio aims to…

Africa Day 2023: Our Africa, our future

The practice of interpreting from one language to another on the African continent, as elsewhere, goes back thousands of years. In many African societies, the professional linguists or praise singers belonged to a long line of gifted multilingual orators …

So many kinds of freedom

“I never even knew that such a kind of personal freedom existed, because I had never experienced it before.” In celebration of Freedom Day on 27 April, a Belgian exchange students shares her thoughts on freedom with us, originally in Afrikaans, but translated into English below.

Mother language, heart language

Mother Language Day: A day dedicated to the language in which our very first thoughts were verbalised – that’s a world we can believe in. We’re so different, but this…

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