Our approach

The Language Centre’s approach to teaching and learning

Teaching at SU is a practice deeply embedded in and shaped by the contexts in which it takes place. As articulated in the University’s Teaching and Learning Policy, good teaching practice is more than a set of skills, tips or strategies that are decontextualised from the social spaces in which they occur. The Language Centre’s approach is in line with that of the University – a contextualised, integrated and learning-centred approach.

Academic reading and writing are key components of academic literacies. We teach and help students develop and hone these abilities in an integrated way, in the context of specific subject fields in the academic literacies and professional literacies modules we present in collaboration with the faculties. Learning activities facilitate knowledge-building and actively engage students in their own learning. For general information, or to invite us to present a tailor-made module in your faculty, please contact Jeanene Olivier (021 808 2167).

We offer more services to departments or lecturers who identify the need for additional intervention regarding academic reading, writing and language support for their students. The Language Centre’s Writing Lab and Reading Lab are safe spaces where any student or staff member can develop and refine their ability to write and read academically. Below we unpack our approach to the notions of academic reading and writing further. Please contact Rose Richards of the Writing Lab or Marisca Coetzee of the Reading Lab to discuss collaborating with them.

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