Afrikaans language and culture: Dutch-speaking students

R4 715

The main objective of the course is an understanding of and appreciation for the Afrikaans culture and language. You will gain strategic and linguistic competency in Afrikaans, which means that you will know when to say what, and how to say it, when having a conversation in Afrikaans. You will also learn about the soul of Afrikaans – the diverse Afrikaans-speaking communities in South Africa and the variety of cultures within the different communities. We follow an eclectic approach that includes aspects of literature, history, politics and arts and culture. Be ready for anything from rap to recipes!

Course dates

This is a semester course offered twice a year during the official semester period of the University.

Helga Sykstus – Helga has more than 15 years’ experience of teaching Afrikaans. She is a passionate lecturer who enjoys sharing her love for language and culture with her students. She believes that language is a tool of empowerment, as well as a bridge to bring different cultures closer together.

All sessions will be offered in Stellenbosch on the University campus, once we are allowed on campus again.

Any questions?

E-mail Helga Sykstus at or phone 021 808 4004.

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