Afrikaans courses

Our Afrikaans courses help you learn Afrikaans easily.

We’re one of the few language teaching institutions in the country that offers a range of engaging and interactive Afrikaans language learning courses.

Afrikaans is a fascinating, ever-evolving West Germanic language that originated at the most southern tip of Africa. Its vocabulary contains words and phrases from languages as diverse as Khoekhoe, Malay and Arabic, and it has seven to ten million speakers in South Africa. Now you can speak it too.

We blend interactive, practical and creative learning, including face-to-face teaching and online Afrikaans learning and support. You’ll have a great linguistic experience and learn more about the different groups within the diverse Afrikaans culture and community. We also make the most of the beautiful part of the world we’re in and arrange great excursions.

Who can join?

Are you a local or international student or a working individual who’d like to learn to speak Afrikaans with friends, classmates or colleagues? Does your organisation need to communicate with Afrikaans clients?

If you’re not connected to the University, but want to learn this beautiful language, check out Afrikaans 123 or Beginner Afrikaans Level 1. Afrikaans 123 also works well for organisations.

If you’re an international or exchange student, have a look at the Beginner Afrikaans Level 1. If you’re from the Netherlands or Belgium, there’s Afrikaans Language and Culture course for Dutch-speaking students.

If you’re a registered local SU student, the Beginner Afrikaans Level 1 course or Survival Afrikaans will do the trick. And if you’re an SU staff member, we’d recommend Beginner Afrikaans level 1.

Our Afrikaans classes and courses are currently online. Let’s chat about your needs!

Meet our team

Arné Binneman
Arné Binneman
Lecturer and coordinator

| Tel: 021 808 9731

Academic Literacies and Language Learning Hub
Helga Sykstus
Helga Sykstus
Lecturer and coordinator

| Tel: 021 808 4004

Language Learning Hub and Academic Literacies
Vernita Beukes
Vernita Beukes
Lecturer and coordinator

| Tel: 021 808 2636

Academic Literacies and Afrikaans courses

Feedback from our participants


So many kinds of freedom

“I never even knew that such a kind of personal freedom existed, because I had never experienced it before.” In celebration of Freedom Day on 27 April, a Belgian exchange students shares her thoughts on freedom with us, originally in Afrikaans, but translated into English below.

This post is also available in: English