IsiXhosa courses

Learn to speak isiXhosa and master those clicks.

IsiXhosa is an official language in South Africa, spoken in five of our nine provinces, including the Western Cape. Over 16% of the population – more than eight million people – speak isiXhosa. It belongs to the Nguni group of languages, which includes isiZulu, isiNdebele and Siswati, and is also well understood in neighbouring countries like Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Our isiXhosa classes and courses will give you an introduction to the language and culture of isiXhosa and provide a strong foundation for anyone who wants to take the first step towards mastering the language.

Who can join?

If you are an international student who’d like to learn more about isiXhosa, our IsiXhosa language and culture course is for you.

For SU students who want to connect with friends on campus, but can’t spend much on a course, our Survival isiXhosa will do the trick.

If you’re an SU staff member, we would love to welcome you to Masabelane ngesiXhosa – Let’s share in isiXhosa.

For medical doctors and health workers, Masazane ngesiXhosa, booGqirha – Let’s get to know each other, Medics – teaches conversational isiXhosa for a medical context.

If you or your organisation would like an isiXhosa course that’s well-priced, gets everyone talking, and is flexible enough to adapt to your schedule, then IsiXhosa 123 would be ideal for you.

Our isiXhosa classes and courses can be offered online or face to face, or we could combine the two modes. So, you can even learn to speak isiXhosa online with us. Let’s chat about what interests you!

Did you know: Mirriam Makeba’s joyful Click Song, the 1957 hit single ‘Pata pata’, helped introduce the world to isiXhosa. It’s recently been re-recorded to help spread information and hope during Covid-19.

Meet our team

Jeanene Olivier
Jeanene Olivier
Administrative officer

| Tel: 021 808 9015

Language and Communication Development
Stembele Johnson
Stembele Johnson
IsiXhosa language facilitator
| Tel: 021 808 9097
IsiXhosa courses


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