This is what matters most to us

This is what matters most to us

Our mantra

Connecting people to the world and its people by improving communication and understanding.

Our mission

We offer research-based, language-related products and services to people with diverse education backgrounds, so that they can enhance their communication skills – such as reading, writing, speaking and listening – and in so doing, be more successful in their studies, careers and personal lives.

To help us achieve our mission, these are our strategic priorities:
  • To promote multilingualism within the University and beyond by offering our students and staff access to language learning opportunities that support multilingual speakers and thinkers.
  • To provide language support where it’s needed most – to help our students and clients succeed in their studies, careers and personal lives.
  • To offer professional, quality services, tailored for specific needs and in partnership with those we serve.
  • To help to shape and implement institutional language decisions and policies by nurturing our connections with our stakeholders through engagement, collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • To prioritise research that informs best practice and helps us re-evaluate and reflect on what we do and how we do it.
Our strategic priorities are built on the University’s core strategic themes:
  • A thriving Stellenbosch University
  • A transformative student experience
  • Purposeful partnerships and inclusive networks
  • Networked and collaborative teaching and learning
  • Research for impact
  • Employer of choice
Our priorities explained

Why multilingualism?
As part of a leading African university, we believe multilingualism matters. We believe that multilingualism is about more than just being able to use multiple languages. It’s about giving people a voice, regardless of the language they use. It’s about recognising the value of what is said, whether it’s said in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa or South African Sign Language. It talks to our diversity as a country, and allows us to connect in ways we otherwise couldn’t.

The Language Centre strives to translate these values into practice by offering our students and staff access to language learning opportunities that support them to become multilingual speakers and thinkers who are valued members of workplace teams, globally. Multilingualism equips our students to tap into a broader and more diverse knowledge base; to engage with society in a way that speaks to the heart, not just the mind; to be dynamic professionals, able to better demonstrate problem-solving, listening and interpersonal skills; and to be well-rounded individuals who can make informed decisions that take more than just their own thinking into consideration.

Did you know that learning more than one language can benefit brain health?

Why language support?
As a thought-leader for language and communication, we aim to be the preferred provider for the language and communication needs of Stellenbosch University and surrounding communities, and to assist our students and clients in their journey to success.

Why quality?
As part of a credible and established university, the Language Centre offers professional, quality services, tailored for specific needs. Our team of experts is highly qualified, skilled and competent.

Why connection?
As a fully integrated partner at Stellenbosch University, we help shape and implement institutional language decisions and policies by nurturing close relationships with our stakeholders. We aim to truly connect with our audiences to deliver quality services to this increasingly diverse community.

Why research?
As research is at the foundation of everything we do, we actively participate in context-specific research to inform best practice and ensure that the theoretical underpinnings of our activities continue to be interrogated and updated. We believe in collaboration and sharing ideas. Click here for our list of publications and current research activities.

Our values

We uphold our university’s values of excellence, compassion, equity, respect and accountability.

This is what they mean for us:

We keep our word, our promises and our agreements.
We are approachable, transparent, frank and clear.

Our passion for language is inscribed into everything we do. We focus our decisions and choices about our work on what’s best for students and clients. We create a positive emotional experience for those who engage with us and our programmes. We’re here to create remarkable learning experiences, and our language-related services are delivered professionally and on time.

We are proud of what we accomplish. We care about results, but not at the expense of people. We treat each other equally, fairly and with respect. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our performance, and we always honour our commitments.

We are precise, exact and accurate in the work we do. We continually assess and reassess the processes we have in place to ensure this accuracy.

We are open to new ideas. We are constantly looking for and implementing ways to develop and improve. We continuously re-evaluate and reflect on the way we do things and enthusiastically embrace and drive ongoing change for a sustainable future. We bring a joyful, optimistic, positive energy to our work and endeavours.

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