Writing Skills Workshops

Writing Skills Workshops

Writing at postgraduate level is complex. One could get stuck at the proposal already, or lose steam right in the middle of the dissertation or thesis. On top of that, writing an article has its own challenges. But if you know where to get support, you could turn things around. Our Writing Lab workshops are aimed at master’s and doctoral students in various fields of study, and are geared to help postgrads succeed.

To help you plan, write and edit effectively, we cover all aspects of the writing process and address writing issues that researchers commonly face. Our workshops tackle topics from internal organisation, coherence, cohesion, style, external structure and editing, to audience and purpose of scientific writing, research topics, problem statements and hypotheses. We also look at project structure, paragraphing and argumentation, scientific writing style, referencing and more.
The workshops are registered at specific levels of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), are continuing professional development (CPD) accredited, and are offered at a modest cost to students. The presenters work collaboratively with academic departments to ensure workshops are customised to your needs.

Tailor-made workshops

If you feel that your students could benefit from a Writing Lab writing skills workshop, we can present tailor-made courses or workshops to specific departments, based on your unique needs. We’ll plan, develop and present these in collaboration with the lecturers from the various departments.

These workshops can be designed for lecturers or honours, master’s or doctoral students and will be tailored to the various needs of the different faculties or departments. We can present in English and/or Afrikaans, depending on participants’ needs. To organise a tailor-made workshop for your postgraduate students, contact  Selene Delport.

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