Masazane ngesiXhosa booGqirha (Let’s get to know each other in isiXhosa, Medics) - Stellenbosch University Language Centre

Masazane ngesiXhosa booGqirha (Let’s get to know each other in isiXhosa, Medics)

R2 500

Would you like to connect better with your isiXhosa patients? Our beginner isiXhosa course for healthcare professionals will enable you to do exactly that. In addition, it will open up the language and culture of your isiXhosa patients for you so that you understand each other better.

This is an eight-week course (two hour sessions per week), open to Stellenbosch University staff and to external clients working in health-related fields. Our Masazane course aims to teach you about the isiXhosa language and its culture, and to enable you to engage in meaningful conversation at beginner level. Through this course you will empower yourself to put multilingualism into practice in the medical field.

Course dates

5 April – 10 May 2021
7 June – 12 July 2021
2 August – 6 September 2021
4 October – 8 November 2021


Zandile Kondowe has been teaching isiXhosa language and literature for several years at Stellenbosch University and Nelson Mandela University. She is a passionate lecturer who enjoys sharing her love for the isiXhosa language and its culture with her students up to postgraduate level. Zandile believes that learning a new language connects people from different cultures and creates a space for people to grow. She enjoys helping her students become part of a broader isiXhosa culture in an encouraging learning and teaching environment.



Any questions?

E-mail our office administrator, Nwabisa Madikane, or phone 021 808 2900.

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