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Reading Lab

Learn to read better, read faster and improve your understanding.

Whether you’re looking to read and study with greater ease and understanding, need help with general or academic reading skills, struggle to finish test and exam papers on time, or spend hours studying but don’t achieve your desired results – the Reading Lab can support you.

In our caring and positive environment, we’ll offer support in academic reading, critical thinking and study skills to help you to achieve your goals.

The Reading Lab provides the following services, both in-person and online:

  • Free consultation sessions to discuss your unique reading needs and determine a feasible plan of action
  • Free reading coaching
  • Reading courses in the form of tailor-made workshops
  • Access to EyeBrainGym, reading software for speed reading and comprehension development
  • General assessments using standardised reading tests

When you work with us, you will develop your academic vocabulary, brush up your study techniques, learn to manage your time and acquire academic reading skills.

Who can join?

The Reading Lab is available to all university undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff members. Students are encouraged to visit the Reading Lab as a walk-in or to e-mail us to enquire about any of our services. All our services, from consultations to workshops, are available for online and remote learning.

For more information on a free consultation, coaching, tailor-made workshops or EyeBrainGym, please contact Marisca Coetzee (021 808 2811).

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Our Team

Marisca Coetzee
Marisca Coetzee
Lecturer and coordinator

| Tel: 021 808 2811

Reading Lab and Academic Literacies