This is where we fit in

This is where we fit in

It takes a lot of work, process and passion to build and maintain a world-class, multilingual university. Each person, faculty and division at Stellenbosch University (SU) works with the same goal in mind, and each does their part to enhance the greater whole.

The Language Centre forms part of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Division and, more broadly, falls under the Learning and Teaching responsibility centre at SU. The Language Centre supports one of the University’s key policies, the SU Language Policy (2016).

Our core mandate is to promote individual and institutional multilingualism and provide language support that is aligned with the University’s strategic vision and language policy.

Our centre is aligned with the priorities of the Division for Learning and Teaching Enhancement:

  • Develop the scholarly role the division plays to enhance how learning and teaching is experienced by students and academics.
  • Professionalise the scholarly teaching role and enhance the stature of teaching.
  • Collaborate with faculties and other relevant divisions to develop a strategic and sustainable approach to quality enhancement and programme renewal.
  • Collaborate with faculties and relevant divisions to develop a hybrid delivery strategy and coordinate its implementation.
  • Provide overarching coordination of the ICT in learning and teaching projects and the implementation of the hybrid delivery strategy.
  • Provide overarching coordination of the teaching and learning policy and related policies to embed a learning-centred approach.
  • Promote individual and institutional multilingualism.
  • Create a care-full environment that’s mindful of staff wellness, provides internal and external staff development opportunities, and promotes networking within and outside the division.

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