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English courses

Speaking, reading and understanding English can open doors.

Around the world, about 1,2 billion people speak English. But we do not all speak English like it is our first language. And we do not have to. Fact is, however, the better you speak English, the more you can do with the language. No matter what your level or mastery of the language is, join this welcoming environment to enhance the skills you already have and take your English speaking and writing to the next level.

Who can join?

Our Intensive English Programme (IEP) is aimed at international undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to develop their general English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, their grammar and their vocabulary.

Local or international SU students who don’t speak English as a first language, but do a lot of English writing, reading and speaking in academic courses, can join English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

If you want to study or work in a country where you need to prove your English proficiency, develop strategies to write the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam by enrolling in our IELTS Preparation course.

And if you are a grandmaster in English and you would like to teach others, our TEFL course will give you TEFL certification so that you can teach English as a second or foreign language.

Our English classes and courses are currently online or blended. Let’s chat about what you are looking for.

Meet our Team

Jeanene Olivier
Jeanene Olivier
Administrative officer
Language and Communication Development

| Tel: 021 808 9015

Shannon Bishop
Shannon Bishop
Lecturer and coordinator
English courses

| Tel: 021 808 4464


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