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Ten hacks for expanding your vocabulary

Your active vocabulary – the words you use – and the way you communicate may increase or decrease the extent of your influence and your chances of success. Here are ten…

Africa Day 2021: The gift of connection

In recognition of its wonder and multifaceted nature, the month of May is dedicated to Africa. Africa Day itself is celebrated on 25 May to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now known as the African Union) on 25 May 1963…

girl with wings out of autumn leaves

A musing on the freedom language brings

Imagine a world without language. Is that even possible to imagine? Isn’t language so intertwined with thinking that it’s no use trying to think if you don’t think in language? How would you access your own thoughts and communicate them if it’s not encoded in some kind of language?

International Mother Language Day poster

Let’s celebrate the first one

It’s most probably the language in which you’d swear when you get a very sudden fright. Chances are that you also dream in this language. If you’re lucky, you’ll know nursery rhymes in it, and maybe even a few archaic idioms and made-up words…

Free English classes

We’re offering a week of free, in-person English language classes as part of our Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) programme to anyone whose first language is not English or Afrikaans.

Learn to speak Afrikaans with us

Would you like to be able to chat to your colleagues in Afrikaans once we’re all back on campus? As Madiba had noted so aptly, when you talk to someone in their language, chances are that you will speak to their hearts

Pumlani image

Short video tributes to Pumlani

We’re sharing two short videos of our former colleague Pumlani Sibula on this page, as a tribute to him and his love of teaching isiXhosa. Also visit our Wall of…

This article is also available in: Afrikaans isiXhosa