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Connect to the world and its people through improved communication and understanding.

We’re complex beings, living complex lives, and language is what brings us together. Language is a transformational space that has the power to change lives, inform policy and unite people.

At the Stellenbosch University Language Centre, we believe that improving communication isn’t just about increasing vocabulary or perfecting punctuation. It’s so much more. Being a language centre also makes us so much more than a language school. We are a vibrant hub for students, staff and clients who are looking for language and communication assistance. We work collaboratively with you on your language journey.

The Language Centre is home to experts in language learning and teaching, academic literacies and professional communication, translation, copy editing, interpreting and corporate communication. We also do language-related research, and we even have a team who specialise in plain language. All this just 30 minutes from Cape Town.

Get in touch and let’s connect.

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Appreciation for a dear colleague who is retiring

Ydalene Coetsee, a stalwart academic and professional literacies lecturer at the Language Centre, is retiring at the end of 2023 after 14 years of teaching. Academic literacies modules are presented…

Let’s emphasise ABILITY!

We prefer emphasising ABILITY when observing International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities, celebrated on 3 December. We respect and support all forms of communication needs of persons living with various forms of hearing abilities.

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