Survival Afrikaans


What if there’s a fun and quick way to learn some Afrikaans to use on campus?

Master the basics with our interactive survival course tailored to your world and connect better in more languages. This course is practical and interactive, and we incorporate campus-related scenarios to encourage the use of authentic language. We will focus specifically on speaking, listening and reading Afrikaans. You will be able to use Afrikaans to take part in basic campus-related conversations, and as part of the larger University context, you will also gain an understanding of the cultural value of multilingualism.

2024 course dates

We have various offerings throughout the first and second semesters. Contact us for a detailed breakdown of our start dates.

Downloadable documents

2023 Info sheet


Helga Sykstus – Helga has more than 15 years’ experience of teaching Afrikaans. She is a passionate lecturer who enjoys sharing her love for language and culture with her students. She believes that language is a tool of empowerment, as well as a bridge to bring different cultures closer together.


All sessions will be offered in Stellenbosch at the University campus.

Any questions?

E-mail Helga Sykstus or phone 021 808 4004.

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